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Privacy Policy

Laika service provider (Monre Insurance LLC) provides the privacy and confidentiality of the general and payment information including identification documents, of end-user through offering electronic Laika service which includes products and services, technology, software, furthermore, Laika complies with all applicable laws and regulations in our daily procedure.


Changes to this Privacy Policy:


Laika reserves the right to change this privacy policy when (a) add the new function to our products and services, (b) modify the system due to end-user’s request, (c) if the relevant laws and regulations as amended. Every time we make any changes to this policy, we will notify you through our website,, before its enforcement. Therefore, you agree to receive any changes made to this policy through our website or mobile app. By using the Service after any changes, you agree to the changes which complied with any applicable laws and regulations.


Confidential information:


The following will be considered as confidential information: clause 2 of the “Personal privacy act”, clause 3.1.2 of the “Corporation confidentiality act”.


The end-user and merchant reserve the right to end the service if they do not agree with this Privacy policy. If already registered to the service, they can close their Laika account at any time.


1. Laika service provider will collect the following information from the customers to deliver a fast, reliable, uninterrupted payment service to purchase online products and services, identifying the customer’s financial needs:

  • Name, surname, registration number,

  • Current residing address, post address,

  • Telephone number, email address,

  • Information on the payment card,

  • Information on property registered in personal name,

  • Chat history created by the user,

  • The IP address and log details of the service receiving equipment,

  • Transaction details of the payments made through Laika service,

  • Feedback on the services to find out the customer’s interest and their needs,


2. We will use the information collected for the following purposes:

  • To identify the end-user payment card which used through the Laika service to complete payment,

  • To deliver the payment transaction,

  • To analyze and resolve any queries raised by customers,

  • To resolve disputes,

  • To detect, prevent, identify fraud, high-risk or restricted transactions,

  • To upgrade, modify, change the services including software to comply with requirements from the regulatory authority and to meet with all users’ needs,

  • To measure the service performance indicator, to deliver useful information for both end-users,

  • As required for auditing, monitoring process from the regulatory authority and to prepare financial statements,

  • Discount and promotion provided by the payment receiver or service provider,


Laika service provider will use the internationally accepted latest technology, database, and software to deliver its service to all users. Also, the service provider will enhance the quality, security, and confidentiality of the service in their daily process collaborating with the regulatory authority.


Monre Insurance LLC must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of Mongolia not to disclose confidential information to the third party unless required by the authority.




The users are required to maintain the security while receiving the service by (a) checking if the web browser or mobile app is the official or not, (b) preventing the third party usage of the phone or computer which has the access to the service. Therefore, to keep your account safe, please see below recommendations:

  • Please use the official website of the “Laika” service provider, and always check encryption of the URL (https://), (Web servers with Secure sockets layer /SSL/ are encrypted for secure transactions);

  • Please download the “Laika” mobile app from Play Store, and App Store. Update the version when it is available, also make changes requested by either manufacturer or service provider

  • Please use the Firewall settings to prevent unauthorized use of your computer, and to monitor logs of your computer. Always maintain your mobile phone and computer security,

  • Please use anti-virus programs and lock automatically if the user goes idle,

  • Always LOG OUT each time finishes the usage of the “Laika” service.

  • Please update your browser if there are any updates available. Also, security requirements shall comply with the latest version

  • Please avoid using unauthorized, free WIFI service. Please use a reliable server

  • Please avoid using the public computer or equipment which has public access


Please keep your login details safe (user name, password), to keep your account safe. Please see the following recommendations to keep your account safe.

  • Please check your phone number is correct when registering for the service.

  • The service provider will send you a one-time password to verify your phone number. You should delete the one-time password immediately. We will send your transaction information to your registered email address

  • You should not let another person use your registered phone address.

  • Please create a password that is different from your other passwords. Your password shall contain number, letter, and character.

  • You should not keep the note of your user name or password anywhere on your phone or other equipment.

  • You should not disclose your confidential information with other people,

  • You should not allow other people to use your phone. If other people use your phone, lock “Laika” mobile app


Other important recommendations

  • The merchant application or web page you’re using has any bad information on the internet or social media

  • Please read the terms and conditions of the website before inserting your payment card information.

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